Urban Happiness


It’s been a while

It’s been almost year and half after my last post in the blog, saying that it’s “closed till the time when the blog would find new meaning in my colourful life”.

This year and a half I was running an initiative about happiness with my dearest partner Lyuba – we wanted to change the attitude of people in to a happier way. It does sound like never-never, but it was a good never-never that, first of all, changed both of us. So yes, a day before Thursday I’m writing the line that Happy Thursday will not be continued, we are not going to work on the project further on. It has played tremendous role in my personal life and happiness, first of all because of Lyuba – she is the best partner and a great friend that you can only dream of!

Still, I find the topic of human’s happiness as really an exciting one that worth of discovering. This is where my personal blog comes on the spot –  it will get the second life with the new topic, but this time from a different angle than Happy Thursday, new ideas and a bit different me. Another thing, that you, Sherlock, could have already noticed – it will be written in English.

Nata in metro

So let me re-introduce myself now – My name is Nata and I’m seriously curious about human’s happiness; how we interact and communicate in the new digitalized world with the new habits and behaviors; how urbans are changing us and we adopt the new urban environment. I’m in a serious long-term relationship with marketing, it’s been already for years and I’m enjoying it! Aaaand…I love good short movies and possibly cannot shut up about it even here 🙂

Hope you will enjoy reading my new old blog!