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Lady and her dream

Dear reader,

Nata and LyubaPlease answer a simple question, how long does it take to figure out what do you really want from the life and what are your values and believes to drive you there? How do you distinguish good from evil?

Personally, I haven’t clearly defined it for myself yet, I only know that I want to make the world a happier place. People deserve to be happy, people are happy, but not everyone realizes it.

I want to support one amazing lady and my close friend, who figured out for herself what does she want to do and what are her believes that support the journey. This post is for Lyuba, my dearest partner in the Happy Thursday crime and great friend!

To follow her believes and make her positive impact Lyuba decided to go far, seriously far – 11,551.2 km is a loooong long way from Belgium to … Myanmar!

She wants to work with the company Proximity Design, fantastic guys who make life of poor people in Myanmar better. For example, they made a plastic pump for something like 17 US dollars to provide poor families with water. You know how many families already bought it? More than 20 000!

Lyuba is not only good in marketing (I know it for sure, long time ago she happened to be my boss at AIESEC), but she also has so much energy and passion to drive good changes in the society.

Guys from Proximity Design, this line is for you – looking at the really cool projects your are doing, you deserve to have her on board, you deserve to have the passionate talent in your team to make even bigger impact on Myanmar!

Whatever your decision will be, I wish you great luck for your next steps.

P.S. No, Lyuba doesn’t know that I wrote this post. Frankly, I have no idea what her reaction would be…