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Happy Thursday – People have power to empower

ImageAt this moment I’m working on the new website for Happy Thursday where I would like to publish draft of the “manifest” or you name it that I wrote for the front page. As you can see, no proof-read was done, so let’s focus on the content 🙂

I would really appreciate your thoughts and comments to the text, which will help me and Lyuba to make the webpage better.

Happiness is a choice that requires practice. It starts on the emotional level and follows with physical actions and decisions. Emotional level is perception of what happens around us, of opinions about people, events, problems or issues.

Happiness needs “balls’” to “f*** this shit” when we feel that we have to move on, to change circumstances or ourselves. But happiness is not about confrontation, it’s about growth and discovery of yourself and world around you.

Human beings with our positive of negative perception of live, with our right and wrong choices are always in search and doubt. Positive attitude sounds so easy and lovely, everyone can do that, “I will start it tomorrow with smiling to strangers”, you think. We are telling you, it’s a fantastic start, challenge starts to make it a habit. Challenge starts when circumstances sometimes go against us and everything seems to fall apart. Here is when extra strength is required together with ability to keep the positive attitude and smile on your face.

Long time ago we were writing about passive and active optimists. To keep the long story short, passive optimists are nice and positive people that always smile, think positively and when something goes wrong they keep the “Everything will be alright” attitude and do nothing or very little to solve an issue.

Therefore active optimist are the same positive and smiling people, but when they face the challenge they work their ass out to change the situation in a better way and keep the attitude “I will make everything alright”. See the difference, right?

Good thoughts have to lead to good actions. At Happy Thursday we are two naive girls that spent more than two years discovering happiness and trying to give you good stimulus and food for thoughts to change your own attitude in a happier way. Why did we do that? Because we believe in you and that you are capable to make the world around you a bit better. People have power to empower!

Everything that happens with you and your environment has two sides – one that sucks and one that will lead to better change. So learn to find and focus on the second one – it’s easy to say, but we believe you can do it. As well as you are capable to support and motivate your own people with your example and sometimes even a kind word. Don’t you remember, happiness is contagious 🙂

But please, don’t be mislead that happiness has to be found, discovered, created. You are already happy, accept it. Self discovery and changing your environment requires an extra effort and often we need little stimulus to motivate ourselves and keep on going. At Happy Thursday we were trying to give you the small stimulus every day with our posts, quotes, music etc to make the habit of positive attitude a bit easier. We hope we did our job right. Now we would like to give the opportunity to new people to run the initiative and find their own ways to empower you.

We thank you for motivating us, giving us the opportunity to make our little impact on you and your world. We wish you amazing changes in your life, we believe in you and know that you can make the difference!