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Вероятнее всего, его зовут Саша) Свежая аналитика вконтакте

Недавно Вконтакте опубликовали последнюю аналитику своих пользователей.

Лично меня порадовала статистика имен – на первом месте, с весомым отрывом, лидируют Александры (теперь я понимаю, почему их было так много среди моих бывших парней:) ).

Также, интересная зависимость между полом и рейтингом вконтакте:

Как показывает статистика, мужчинам намного важнее чем девушкам, какой у них рейтинг у в социальной сети.

Впрочем, полный анализ можно посмотреть здесь http://www.you-ra.info/vkstats/




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И еще раз про новые узконаправленые социалки

bw2На том же friendfeed скинули ссылку про социальную сеть Blue World.

Это социалка для жителей Южной Африки.


“Blueworld is a South African social community where you can create a customizable online presence for yourself and meet new friends. 

Share your life experiences, activities and what you are interested in through our social tools like photo taggingvideo sharingbloggingstatus updatesband profilesgroups and much more. “

В социалке я можна найти интересные группы, например, BlueWorld members against Xenophobic attacks 

З.Ы. наличие такой соц сети еще раз подтверждает процес “отхождения” от общих сетей, таких как facebook к более тематическим.

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Чудесный пост! 100 Fabulous Social Networks and Communities for Lifelong Learners

В продолжение вчерашней темы о социальных сетях.

Нашла ссылку в одной из румов на фрэндфиде. И не сдержалась опубликовать ее на блоге.

Ссылка на пост: http://www.ratedcolleges.com/blog/2009/100-fabulous-social-networks-and-communities-for-lifelong-learners/

И на всякий случай делаю наглый и бесцеремонный копипейст здесь: 

100 Fabulous Social Networks and Communities for Lifelong Learners

Whether you’re heading back to school after years in the working world or just like to learn about new topics in your spare time, being able to find support, information and an active community of like minded individuals can be essential to your learning success. Fortunately, the Internet makes it easier than ever to connect with others who are in the same boat as you and allows you to communicate quickly and easily with people from all over the world. Here are 100 that we’ve collected that you can use to get in touch and find new learning opportunities.


One of the easiest ways to learn new things at any stage of your life is by picking up a book. Whether you want to read the classics or keep up with the latest non-fiction these social networks will help you find new reads and get more out of them by discussing them with others.

  1. BookJettyUse BookJetty to share your favorite books, read ratings from Amazon, learn what books might be available at your library, and connect with others reading the same books.
  2. BookCrossingMeet thousands of others from around the world on this site who share a common interest– books! You’ll get recommendations, make new friends and more.
  3. LibraryThingUse this site to list the books you own and love while connecting with others with similar interests, getting suggestions for new reading and read reviews.
  4. Books Well ReadFrom talking about the symbolism in Hemingway to those who want help remembering the best parts of what they read, this online community is an essential resource.
  5. ConnectViaBooks: Use this social network to connect with others with similar interests in reading.
  6. GoodReads: Here you can list the books you’ve read, want to read and get some suggestions of new places to look for reading enjoyment.
  7. RevishThis site not only allows you to share your reading lists but also to engage in discussion groups to talk about what you’ve read.
  8. ShelfariCreate an online bookshelf using this social networking tool and you’ll get in touch with thousands of others who can give you suggestions of what to read next.
  9. Reader’s ParadiseJoin up on this forum to discuss all topics related to reading.
  10. aNobiiaNobii lets users make lists of their books, talk about what they’re reading and connect with people of all kinds.

Business Networks

What do you plan to do with all that new learning? If you’re working on a degree, you may be in the market for a new job after graduation. These tools can help you network, learn more about the field you’re going into, and much more.

  1. XINGWith over 7 million members, this business networking site is a great place to get in touch and learn with business owners and operators around the world.
  2. RyzeHere you’ll be able to connect with old friends and make new ones, and great business connections.
  3. JigsawYou can use this site for finding information about businesses and maybe even hook up with a new one.
  4. SpokeThis site has millions of members in all kinds of businesses and lets you create a profile, send messages and even search for jobs.
  5. Fast PitchWant to market all those new ideas you’ve been coming up with? This site lets you do just that, along with making some great new connections.
  6. DoostangMake the most of the education you’re getting by finding a better job and business networks through this site.
  7. ImageKindIf you’re into creating artwork, designs or other creative things, this site can help you market and sell your work.
  8. KonnectsThis site can help individuals make great connections and chat in communities with others who have shared interests.
  9. APSenseAPSense allows users to promote their businesses, ideas and careers while making new friends and connections.
  10. GooruzeLearn all you need to know about online marketing from this helpful social networking community.

Clubs and Social Gatherings

Meeting up with others who share interests with you or who have more expertise in things you want to learn more about is easy with these social networks and online communities.

  1. MatchActivityWant to get more advice on how to knit? Meet up to discuss the latest best seller? This site can match you up with others in your area that share your interests.
  2. CircleUpDo you want to start a club? This site makes it easy to send out messages to all those who are interested in meeting up with you.
  3. ChangeWhether you have a dream to change the world or just want to learn more about someone living a life different from your own this site helps hook you up with others working for social change.
  4. MeetupNo matter what you want to meet up to do, this site makes keeping in touch and finding new groups easy.
  5. HobbyThingThis this helps you learn more about others hobbies and share the ins and outs of your own.
  6. CratenFireCheck out this site to share your work, hobbies and more and learn from other members.
  7. HobezeShare your hobby, discuss things with others and even discover new passions on this great site.
  8. ListalHere you can find lists of the best of the best of everything, according to the other users of this site. You can find new ways to explore an old hobby or learn all about something new you never knew you loved by networking with others on this site.


For those who are pursuing lifelong education at a college or other learning center, these online tools are designed to keep you in touch with other students and studying right.

  1. CampusBugCampusBug is designed to help students stay in touch with one another and share valuable thoughts and information from classes and beyond.
  2. RateMyProfessorWant to know what to expect when you get a particular professor? This site can help you rate your teachers and get in touch with others who’ve had them.
  3. GraduatesThis site is designed to help communication between students, those still in school and those who’ve finished and want to keep in touch.
  4. The QuadJoin the study forums and get updates about events like lectures and more on the college-centered site.
  5. wePapersWant to see what someone ahead of you has already said about a topic? This site allows you to post your own papers and read what other students are writing.
  6. NoteMeshShare your notes with others in your class on this easy-to-use networking and communication site.
  7. College-CramThis site is full of social learning resources that will make it easy for your to study on your own and with others in your classes.
  8. College-RuledHere you can put your class schedule online, organize your assignments and share your thoughts on online discussion boards.
  9. NoteCentricStore and share your class notes on this site that allows you to access them from anywhere.
  10. LearnHubThis site is home to advice on studying abroad, resume building and career advice as well as all kinds of learning communities.

Learning and Education

These online tools are great for helping you learn more and meet others with your love of learning, no matter your age.

  1. MoodleThis free application makes it easy to create and share online learning communities for classes or just for casual learning experiences.
  2. LectureShareThis site makes it possible for instructors to share lectures and notes with students, many of which are available to everyone.
  3. TutorLinkerNeed a little help with your homework? This site makes it easy to find tutors so you can learn better.
  4. Lifelong Learning NetworkMeet up with other lifelong learners on this networking site.
  5. Lifelong Learning Message BoardPost your thoughts or read those of others on this helpful message board.
  6. Smart.fmHere you’ll find instructional lists that can help you learn more about everything from architecture to Asian capitals.
  7. Rafi.kiGet in touch with learners all over the world using this simple online tool, with educational projects and communicational tools.
  8. ClivirThis site has online classrooms that anyone can be a part of, with a wide variety of lessons.
  9. EduslideShare your knowledge and learn from others on this e-learning community site.
  10. E-Learning Community 2.0This tool acts as an intermediary between places of knowledge and learners like you, making it easy to find what you need.
  11. EduSpacesThose interested in education and educational technologies can join this expanding social network.
  12. RCampusRCampus is a great place for “building personal and group websites, managing your courses, e-portfolios, academic communities, and much more.”
  13. BarbelithCheck out this subculture-oriented site to discuss everything from politics to comic books. You can engage in intellectually stimulating conversations and maybe even learn a thing or two.
  14. Flashcard Friends: Studying doesn’t have to be difficult. This site allows users to make and share flashcards.

Seeing the World

One way to keep on learning about the world is to see it in person rather than just read about it. These sites are a great way to find information, photos and advice on places all over the world for travel or just daydreaming.

  1. MatadorThis site is an open forum for sharing your travel stories or reading about the adventures of others.
  2. TravBuddyHere you can find out where you might like to visit or find out about great sites around the world.
  3. DopplrPlan out your next trip using this site, where you can get great, reliable information about where to go and what to see.
  4. Lonely PlanetWhether you’re looking into life in a remote corner of the earth or want to stretch out your legs on an adventurous trip, you’ll find loads of posts in this online forum.
  5. Virtual TouristIf you can’t afford to take a vacation but still want to see the world, check out this site to explore places virtually.
  6. BootsnAllThis site is an indispensable resource for travelers who love to go it on their own. Check out their lists of the best places or chat with others about their recommendations.
  7. DriftrHere you can keep track of where you’ve been, where you want to go and talk with other travelers.
  8. GoAbroadThose in college can learn more about study abroad experiences through this community site.
  9. TrekCafeFrom booking travel to finding travel partners, this site is home to a wealth of resources for travelers and those looking to learn more.

Topic Specific Learning

These communities and networks are home to more specific interest, from knitting to birding, helping you pursue knowledge in a variety of fields.

  1. ArtSlantJoin this art network to learn more about exhibitions and gallery openings in cities around the nation.
  2. Community Arts NetworkThe arts are everywhere and you can learn more about what’s going on with community arts in yours through this network.
  3. BottleTalkWant to learn more about wine so you can understand what to pair with what? This site is home to loads of wine enthusiasts who can provide advice and instruction to novices.
  4. FlixsterChat about films, fluffy and foreign alike, on this community of cinephiles.
  5. BirdPostJoin up with others who love birding and learn more about the fauna in your area through this online community.
  6. EditRedThis network of writers makes it easy to get your work out there and maybe even get it edited by someone else in the community.
  7. Experience ProjectThis site is home to shared experiences from people all over the world. You can gain a lot from reading about what others have done, and maybe shape your own experiences because of it.
  8. RavelryKnitters and those hoping to learn more about this craft can meet up and talk here.
  9. J-LearningLearn more about journalism and improve your writing skills through this educationally focused site.

Sharing Ideas and Resources

Learners of all ages need to share information for working together and supporting other learners. These sites offer great ways to do that easily and make your information and that of others readily accessible.

  1. BibsonomyThis site provides an easy way to share not only bookmarks but lists of literature, a useful tool to organize your material but also find work done by others that might be useful to you.
  2. DiigoWith Diigo you can highlight, bookmark and share just about anything on the web, making it easy to collaborate and work collectively.
  3. StumbleUponThrough this social bookmarking site, you can pick out articles and sites you find interesting and see what others have marked that you might find of interest.
  4. BlinklistBlinkList makes saving your links fast and easy and sharing them with other learners is a snap as well.
  5. FurlSave and share sites you think are of interest with this simple and easy-to-use tool.
  6. ClipmarksClip out pieces of texts or images on the Web that are relevant to your research, personal interests or group projects and make them accessible to others through Clipmarks.
  7. Sticky NotesThe virtual alternative to the real-life sticky, this program allows you to make short notes about websites and pass them to friends, colleagues and other learners.
  8. Newsvine: Check out Newsvine to read up on the latest things going on in the world. You can also contribute your own important stories and share sites with friends.
  9. Zoho ProjectsZoho Projects makes it simple to collaborate, share notes and work on group projects through an accessible online medium.
  10. MindomoThis online mind-mapping software makes it easy to track your thoughts and get feedback from others.
  11. Bubbl.usGet those juices flowing with this brainstorming tool that allows you to share your ideas with anyone you’d like.

Language Learning

Who doesn’t wish they knew more languages? These online networks and tools make it easier and more fun to do so.

  1. LiveMochaJoin LiveMocha to get access to free language lessons as well as take part in an active online community.
  2. SpeakLikeIf you’re not quite fluent yet but still want to talk with people from around the world, check out this helpful online tool. You can also sign up to stretch your skills out as a translator.
  3. ChaulaGet a free trial of this language learning lab to get access to lessons and interactions with language tools.
  4. BabbelDon’t just learn words from a vocab list, put your language skills to use with this online learning community.
  5. SharedTalkFound on the well-known language software Rosetta Stone’s site, this network allows you to find people who speak a wide variety of languages to converse with.
  6. LingozLingoz is more than just an online language dictionary. You’ll also find experts and native speakers to answer any of your language learning questions.
  7. VoxSwapHere you’ll be matched up with others based on your language knowledge and what you want to learn so that both partners in a conversation can benefit from the interaction.
  8. HuitalkThis site hopes to offer a new way to learn languages by fostering an open exchange of language education.
  9. My Happy PlanetJoin this community to learn a language from native speakers around the world.
  10. xLingoThis language exchange community allows users to share their language skills in a native language while getting assistance from others in theirs.
  11. ItalkiCheck out the free resources on this site, designed to help you learn a new language with the help of others around the world.

General Sites

These sites are great for learners looking for large, active online communities.

  1. LinkedInA linked in account is essential for learners hoping to network and get ahead in their careers.
  2. Second LifeCreate an account and an avatar on this site and you can take online courses, communicate, explore museums and more in a virtual world.
  3. FacebookOriginally designed to keep students in touch, this site is now open to anyone. You can find loads of integrated learning tools, groups and information about goings on at your school or in your community.
  4. TeacherTubeIf you want to learn, connect with others who are teaching and learning, check out this site full of instructional videos.
  5. YouTubeNot everything on YouTube is just for laughs. You can also find helpful videos to help you learn and explore, or just keep up with what the kids are into.
  6. deliciousYou can easily share and save interesting articles you don’t have time to read at the moment.
  7. TeeBeeDeeGeared towards users 40 and over, this site can be an ideal place to network for older learners.
  8. NingNing allows you to create your own specialized social networks, for use for education, sharing or whatever else you’d like.


Новая социальная сетка. Теперь для любителей природы

Сooltribe logoНедавно появилась новая социальная сеть для создания комьюнити, которое заботится об окружающей среде www.cooltribe.com.

Дисклеймер комьюнити гласит:

The community with a green conscience; Environment, Health, Social justice

Обьединяет людей, которым не начхать на пока еще прекрасный мир вокруг нас. 

Поскольку сеть еще “зелененькая” и находиться на бета версии, то часто бывают глюки (напр, 10 раз я безнадежно пыталась зааплоудить фото). 

Да и ребята только начали ее раскручивать. (кстате, они есть на Твиттере http://twitter.com/cooltribe) Сейчас там только 440 пользователей со всего мира.

Если говорить про аудиторию, то она, на первый взгяд постарше, где-то 25+. Второго взгляда, если честно, не было). Особо я по ресурсу не лазила. 

Мой ник в социалке ну просто ооочень креативный – Natasha Добавляйте, кто там зарегистрируется.

Появление такой социальной сети подтверждает тот факт, что время facebookов и Вконтакте медлено, но уверено канет в Лету.  Место социальных сетей, где было “много” людей, будут заменять социальные платформы, где будут “конкретные” люди. Другими словами, сети будут более таргетированы. Напр, соц сеть фотографов, ботаников, любителей “шит-дякович-ска-грайнд-кор” и пошло-поехало.

З.Ы. Пока писала этот пост узнала про новую укр соц сеть для пиарщиков, журналистов и пресс-служб Gonzo


Хто з політиків ще не ломанувся в Twitter?!

Останнім часом активно збільшилась кількість мікроблоггерів.

Спочатку в Twitter поповзли ЖЖшники, а за ними підтянулись політики.

Російськомовний Твіттер рясніє думками президента України одразу з чотирьох акаунтів:





Окрім глави держави в Твіттері мікроблогають Володимир Литвин, БЮТ, Льоня Космос, Балога, (список буде доповнюватись)

Першим піти в Twitter вирішив Яценюк  – http://twitter.com/yatsenyuk.

Яценюк, послідувавши прикладу Обами вирішив створити штаб, що буде працювати над просуванням його в соціальних медіа.  (Он-лайн штаб, як він сам виразився в свому мікроблозі) (На Українські блогосфері непогана стаття про Яценюка в Твіттері.)

Таке враження, що наші політики десь зачули слово про модну фішку Twitter і всі скопом туди ломанулись.

А цю ж фішку ще використовував Обама, і хтось ше й сказав що вона багато в чому допомогла йому на виборах. Ну так взагалі зашибісь! Треба спробувати!

Тільки питання в тому, що в штабі Обами працювали професіонали (для прикладу, один з розробників Facebook), які створювали комплексну стратегію та вміли якісно комунікувати з аудиторією в інтернеті. А наші політики недоштаби роблять та дурні акаунти створюють. І ніразу при цьому не відслідковуют блогосферу, де їм потім стосовно тих акаунтів кістки перемивають. 

Сьогодні побачила просто чудесну реакцію  одного ЖЖ -юзера та публікацію Макса Саваневського про Ющенка  в мікроблогінгу.  І абсолютно погоджуюсь з Максом – робота прес-служби Президента – повна рідкісна біздарність!

Коли вже нарешті наші політики та їх прес-служби почнуть працювати грамотно?!


З бренда компании APPLE попали в 10 самых социальных брендов 2008 года

Компания Vitrue  опубликовала рейтинг 100 самых социальных брендов прошлого года. В десятке лучших попали 3 бренда компании APPLE, что говорит про активную и, во многом, грамотную работу коммуникаторов компании.

Вот список:

1.     iPhone

2.     CNN

3.     Apple

4.     Disney

5.     Xbox

6.     Starbucks

7.     iPod

8.     MTV

9.     Sony

10.   Dell


Больше здесь и здесь


Microsoft, злосный враг, недающий покоя Джобсу ночами вовсе на 11 месте. Зато его Xbox хоть попал в рейтинг, и даже на 5 место. 

Приятно что на втором месте оказалось медиа СNN. Кстате, недавно эти ребята организовали он-лайн трансляцию Инагурации Барака Обамы совместно с Facebook. Получилось очень зачетно! Тут  можно посмотреть презентацию про этот проект.